Bickford's Milk Mix Variety Pack


Bonus Gift: Milk Mix Squiggle Straws

2 x straws per bottle
*while stocks last. Max 6 straws per order.

Individual cost of $25.80, you save $6.80!

This variety pack contains Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, ensuring there is a flavour that every member of the family can enjoy. Unlike other milk modifiers, Bickford’s Milk Mix is designed specifically for flavouring milk in a great tasting, easy to mix, liquid consistency. No more lumpy topping mix or messy powders, just add milk and enjoy the smooth, delicious, full flavours of Bickford's Milk Mix. All these benefits packaged into a unique and un-breakable 600mL PET bottle for even more convenience.

  • 2x Chocolate Milk Mix (600ml)

  • 2x Strawberry Milk Mix (600ml)

  • 2x Vanilla Milk Mix (600ml)

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You Save: $6.00
Bundle Value$24.00
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