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Hobo Brewing APA, 4.2% Alc.


A hobo is a multi-skilled, independent, adventurous soul, chasing the sun and working to fund the journey. Based in South Australia, hobo brewing gathers knowledge and experience. Inspired by exploration, our recipes are gathered from all corners of the globe. Creating fresh, balanced and enjoyable beer is our philosophy.

The magic happens in our state-of-the-art Krones microbrewery. We have created a brew for every occasion; be it a spice-led wheat beer, perfect for an Australian summer, through to a hop heavy, mid-strength India pale ale. In a world awash with mediocrity, choose the road less travelled and regardless of where it leads, always enjoy the ride.

Flavour: Blazing its own trail, this APA has an exceptional mouthfeel achieved with balanced bitterness and aromatic hints of citrus and tropical fruit.

4.2% Alc.

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