XO Brandy Giftbox, 39.1% Alc.


Bonus Gift: Beenleigh Distillery Book

This is a story about resourcefulness, determination and dedication. A tribute to the bold, enterprising men and women from our colourful past. A brief history into Beenleigh, one of the world’s oldest running rum distilleries.

At its heart, lies an eighteen year old double pot distilled brandy, around which, parcels of spirit, aged for over 30 years are carefully matched to achieve XO’s quintessential union of complexity, flavour and richness. Proudly bearing the hallmarks of its distinguished pedigree, the Black Bottle XO is a trophied brandy of lavish aromas and a soft, refined palate evoking vanilla, aged oak and dark chocolate.

Aroma: A long maturation in oaks hogshead has produced mellowing aromas of oak and spirit, balanced with hints of fruit, nutmeg and spice on the nose. 

Flavour: A smooth brandy that takes you from floral sweetness to savory oak with a nutty aftertaste. Enjoy a small amount in a large glass to fully appreciate the complex aromas. 

AwardsXO Brandy has received over 120 awards in its lifetime, including 30 trophies and 54 gold medals.

39.1% Alc.

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